Class CloneReportersPlugin

All Implemented Interfaces:
Plugin, SignalTarget

public class CloneReportersPlugin extends AbstractPlugin implements SignalTarget
A plug-in that clone reporter annotations to an experiment. To use, create a Job and make sure the Job.getExperiment() is set. Set the "template" parameter to a ReporterCloneTemplate item to use that as template for the cloning operation, or use null to clone all reporter annotations. Set the "cloneSource" parameter to a name from the ReporterCloneBatcher.CloneSource enumeration to use a specific reporter source.
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  • Constructor Details

    • CloneReportersPlugin

      public CloneReportersPlugin()
  • Method Details

    • getMainType

      public Plugin.MainType getMainType()
      Description copied from interface: Plugin
      Get the type of the plugin. This method must always return the same value.
      Specified by:
      getMainType in interface Plugin
      One of the defined types
    • supportsConfigurations

      public boolean supportsConfigurations()
      Description copied from class: AbstractPlugin
      Returns TRUE, since that is how the plugins used to work before this method was introduced.
      Specified by:
      supportsConfigurations in interface Plugin
      supportsConfigurations in class AbstractPlugin
      TRUE or FALSE
    • requiresConfiguration

      public boolean requiresConfiguration()
      Description copied from class: AbstractPlugin
      Returns FALSE, since that is how the plugins used to work before this method was introduced.
      Specified by:
      requiresConfiguration in interface Plugin
      requiresConfiguration in class AbstractPlugin
      TRUE or FALSE
    • getPermissions

      public Collection<Permissions> getPermissions()
      Request write permission to Experiment:s and Reporter clone templates and read permission to reporters.
      Specified by:
      getPermissions in interface Plugin
      getPermissions in class AbstractPlugin
      A collection of permissions or null to not use permissions
    • run

      public void run(Request request, Response response, ProgressReporter progress)
      Description copied from interface: Plugin
      Run the plugin. If a progress reporter object is passed it is recommended that the plugin makes use of it.
      Specified by:
      run in interface Plugin
      request - Request object with the command and parameters
      response - Response object in for the plugin to response through
      progress - A ProgressReporter where the plugin can report its progess, can be null
    • getSignalHandler

      public SignalHandler getSignalHandler()
      Description copied from interface: SignalTarget
      Get the signal handler that is handling signals on behalf of this object. Multiple invokations of this method may receive the same or different objects. Null may be returned if, for some reason, the current object instance doesn't want to receive signals. Returning null is the same as not implementing this interface.
      Specified by:
      getSignalHandler in interface SignalTarget
      A SignalHandler object, or null if the current instance doesn't support signals