Class RequestInformation


public class RequestInformation
extends Object
Get information about the parameters the plugin needs for a particular request. See PluginRequest for more information.
Enell, Nicklas
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    • getCommand

      public String getCommand()
      Get the command this request information object is valid for.
      The name of the command
    • getTitle

      public String getTitle()
      Get the title of the request. A client application can use this text as a page header.
      A String object or null if not specified.
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
      Get a description of the request. A client application can use this information as a help text describing the current configuration page.
      A String object or null if not specified.
    • getParameters

      public List<PluginParameter<?>> getParameters()
      Get a list containing the information about the parameters needed for the current request.
      A List with PluginParameter:s
    • getParameter

      public PluginParameter<?> getParameter​(String name)
      Get the plugin parameter with the specified name.
      name - Name of the plugin parameter.
      The PluginParameter objec or null if no parameter with that name exists
    • getJspPage

      public String getJspPage()
      The name of the jsp page to use for displaying the input form for requesting parameters. This is only used by the web client application (or compatible). It is recommended that a plugin do not depend on the JSP page for parameter input.

      This method can return an absolute path or only the filename of the JSP file.

      • If only the filename is returned, the JSP file is expected to be located in a subdirectory to the /plugins directory, where the subdirectory is given by the package name of the plugin. Eg. the plugin net.sf.basedb.plugins.APlugin would have all it's JSP files located in the /plugins/net/sf/basedb/plugins directory.
      • An absolute path starts with '/' and may or may not include the root directory of the BASE installation. If, for example, BASE is intalled to, the following paths are equivalent /base/path/to/file.jsp, /path/to/file.jsp

      The JSP page must conform to certain rules, ie. names of input fields, etc. See the BASE manual for more information.

      The name of the JSP page or null if this request doesn't require a JSP page.
    • createParameterMap

      private void createParameterMap()
      Create a hash from parameter name to PluginParameter objects so that the getParameter(String) method doesn't have to look in the list.