Class ReporterBatcher

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, AccessControlled, Batcher

public class ReporterBatcher
extends BasicBatcher<ReporterData>
Batcher class for reporters.
Samuel, Nicklas
  • Field Details

    • updateSource

      private String updateSource
      A string to hold the name of the source, used to update the reporters.
    • entryDate

      private final Date entryDate
      Date to to give new reporters.
    • extendedProperties

      private final List<ExtendedProperty> extendedProperties
      The extended properties for reporters
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    • batchedExternalIds

      private final Set<String> batchedExternalIds
      A set containing all batched but not yet flushed external reporter id:s. Used by the exists method so a client application can avoid exception if trying to insert duplicate records.
    • findReporter

      private Query<ReporterData> findReporter
      A query to find reporters by the external id.
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