Class DataQuery<I extends BasicData>

All Implemented Interfaces:
EntityQuery, HqlQuery, Query

public class DataQuery<I extends BasicData>
extends AbstractEntityQuery
An implementation of the Query interface that returns data objects. This type of query is only used for batchable items, like reporters and raw data.
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  • Field Details

    • dataClass

      private final Class<I extends BasicData> dataClass
      The class of the data objects that are returned.
  • Constructor Details

    • DataQuery

      DataQuery​(Class<I> dataClass, String entityName)
      Create a new query for the specified item, using the default optional runtime filter.
      dataClass - The class of the data objects that are returned
    • DataQuery

      DataQuery​(Class<I> dataClass, Item rootType, String rootName, String select)
      Create a query that may have different return type and root entity. For example, to return reporters from a query rooted at features: new DataQuery(ReporterData.class, Item.FEATURE, null, "reporter"). This will be translated to something like (in HQL): SELECT ftr.reporter FROM FeatureData ftr ...
      dataClass - The class of the data objects that are returned
      rootType - The root item type of the query
      rootName - The root enitity name, or null to use the class name of the root type
      select - The HQL property that we should select on the root type to get to the return type
  • Method Details

    • iterate

      public DataResultIterator<I> iterate​(DbControl dc) throws BaseException
      Execute the query and return the results as an iterator.
      dc - The DbControl used to access the database and check permissions
      BaseException - If there is an error