Class Application.StartupOptions

Enclosing class:

public static final class Application.StartupOptions
extends Object
Startup optins when starting the BASE application. Some options are internal and can only be changed specific BASE routines (such as for installtion and upgrading).

In most cases, the DEFAULT should be used.

  • Field Details


      public static final Application.StartupOptions DEFAULT
      Default startup options that will start BASE for normal operations using the options specified in "base.config". The options in this instance can't be changed.
    • locked

      private boolean locked
    • installation

      private boolean installation
    • verifySchemaVersion

      private boolean verifySchemaVersion
    • disableInternalJobQueue

      private Boolean disableInternalJobQueue
    • disableExtensions

      private boolean disableExtensions
    • autoLogoutSessions

      private boolean autoLogoutSessions
  • Constructor Details

    • StartupOptions

      public StartupOptions()
  • Method Details

    • checkLocked

      private void checkLocked​(String msg)
    • lock

      Lock the options for additional modifications.
      The same instance
    • installation

      Application.StartupOptions installation​(boolean installation)
      Set to TRUE when starting a new installation. Default is FALSE.
    • verifySchemaVersion

      Application.StartupOptions verifySchemaVersion​(boolean verifySchemaVersion)
      Set to FALSE when starting a new installation or upgrade. Default is TRUE.
    • disableInternalJobQueue

      public Application.StartupOptions disableInternalJobQueue​(boolean disableInternalJobQueue)
      Set to TRUE to disable the internal job queue. Overrides the "jobqueue.internal.enabled" setting in base.config. Default is FALSE.
    • disableExtensions

      public Application.StartupOptions disableExtensions​(boolean disableExtensions)
      Set to TRUE to disable loading external extensions. Overrides the "extensions.disabled" setting in base.config. Default is FALSE.
    • autoLogoutSessions

      public Application.StartupOptions autoLogoutSessions​(boolean autoLogoutSessions)
      Set to TRUE to automatically set a logout time for all sessions that doesn't have one. Normally this is not needed since BASE will automatically logout session when shutting down. However, sometimes a system crash may leave sessions without a logout time. Default is FALSE.