2.17.2: 2011-06-17

Interface Action

All Known Subinterfaces:
ButtonAction, MenuItemAction, OnSaveAction, OverviewPlotAction, ServiceControllerAction, TabAction
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractOnSaveAction, Button, ButtonBean, DebugOnSaveActionFactory.DebugOnSaveAction, DummyService, FixedButtonFactory, FixedMenuItemFactory, FixedTabFactory, IncludeContentTabFactory.Tab, MenuItemBean, OverviewPlotBean, Tab, TabBean

public interface Action

An action is an object that is added to an ExtensionPoint by an Extension. Each action usually results in some visual element, for example, a button or menu item. This is a tagging interface that needs to be implemented by all action objects.

This interface is usually subclassed for specific types of actions. It is the extension point that decides which action class that can be used in that particular extension point. See ExtensionPoint.getActionClass().

The core doesn't define any actual action implementations, since they always depends on the client application. For examples, see the web client extensions net.sf.basedb.clients.web.extensions.

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2.17.2: 2011-06-17