2.17.2: 2011-06-17

Interface Transferable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AnnotatedItemInfo, AnnotationInfo, AnnotationTypeInfo, ArrayDesignInfo, BasicItemInfo, BioAssaySetInfo, CommonItemInfo, DataFileTypeInfo, ExperimentInfo, ExtendedPropertyInfo, OwnedItemInfo, ProjectInfo, QueryOptions, RawBioAssayInfo, ReporterListInfo, SharedItemInfo, VersionInfo

public interface Transferable

Tagging interface for objects that support some kind of transfer mechanism between virtual machines or between Java and another programming language. We use it to tag classes that can be used in the web services. We recommend that classes that implements this interface also implements the Serializable interface.

Objects implementing this interface should also have public constructor without any arguments.

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2.17.2: 2011-06-17