2.17.2: 2011-06-17

Interface SignalTarget

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AbstractFileUnpacker, AbstractFlatFileImporter, AbstractItemImporter, AnnotationFlatFileImporter, ArrayBatchImporter, ArrayDesignImporter, ArraySlideImporter, Base1PluginExecuter, BaseFileExporterPlugin, BfsExporterPlugin, BioAssaySetExporter, BioPlateImporter, BioSourceImporter, CdfFileReporterImporter, ExternalProgramExecutor, ExtractImporter, FormulaFilter, GalExporter, HelpExporter, HelpImporter, HybridizationImporter, IlluminaRawDataImporter, IntensityCalculatorPlugin, JepExtraValueCalculator, JepIntensityTransformer, LabeledExtractImporter, LowessNormalization, MedianRatioNormalization, PackedFileExporter, PlateFlatFileImporter, PlateMappingExporter, PlateMappingImporter, PluginConfigurationExporter, PluginConfigurationImporter, PrintMapFlatFileImporter, RawBioAssayImporter, RawDataFlatFileImporter, ReporterFlatFileImporter, ReporterMapFlatFileImporter, SampleImporter, ScanImporter, SimpleExport, SpotImageCreator, TarFileUnpacker, ZipFileUnpacker

public interface SignalTarget

This interface should be implemented by classes that are able to receive Signal:s. The class may handle the signals themselves by also implementing the SignalHandler interface, or delegate this another SignalHandler class, for example ThreadSignalHandler.

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Method Summary
 SignalHandler getSignalHandler()
          Get the signal handler that is handling signals on behalf of this object.

Method Detail


SignalHandler getSignalHandler()
Get the signal handler that is handling signals on behalf of this object. Multiple invokations of this method may receive the same or different objects. Null may be returned if, for some reason, the current object instance doesn't want to receive signals. Returning null is the same as not implementing this interface.

A SignalHandler object, or null if the current instance doesn't support signals

2.17.2: 2011-06-17