2.17.2: 2011-06-17

Package net.sf.basedb.core.data.keyring

This package contains helper classes for the Keyring class.


Class Summary
GroupGroups Class for mapping the GroupGroups table.
GroupKeys Class for mapping the GroupKeys table.
GroupProjects Class for mapping the GroupProjects table.
KeyPermission Class for holding a keyId and a permission value.
PluginKeys Class for mapping the PluginKeys table.
ProjectKeys Class for mapping the ProjectKeys table.
ProjectPermission Class for holding a project id and a permission value.
RoleKeys Class for mapping the RoleKeys table.
UserGroups Class for mapping the UserGroups table.
UserKeys Class for mapping the UserKeys table.
UserProjects Class for mapping the UserProjects table.
UserRoles Class for mapping the UserRoles table.

Package net.sf.basedb.core.data.keyring Description

This package contains helper classes for the Keyring class. They are used to create more efficient mappings for Hibernate so that we can load group, role and project membership, and item, project and role keys, with less overhead.

This class/package is not part of the Public API
The mappings are only used for reading information from the database. For writing we use the "real" mappings in the KeyData class and it's subclasses.

Since XDoclet cannot generate composite-id elements we don't use javadoc tags in these classes. We have to write the XML mapping files for hibernate ourselves.

2.17.2: 2011-06-17