5.5. Trashcan

5.5.1. Delete items permanently
Empty trashcan
5.5.2. View dependencies of a trashed item

All items that have been deleted, and are owned by you, are listed in your trashcan. This list page is accessed with ViewTrashcan and it differs a bit from the other common list pages. The most significant difference is that the trashcan page can contain more then one item type, actually all removable item types in BASE can be listed in the trashcan. Items that neither can be removed or deleted, i.e., items like sessions, nor clients' help texts since these are deleted from the database immediately in list/item view will be shown in the trashcan page.

[Warning] Warning

Some item types do not have any owner and these are listed in the trashcans for everyone with delete permission on that specific item type.

Things that the trashcan page have in common with other list pages are the possibility to restore and view/edit items, see Section 5.3.4, “Restore deleted items” and Section 5.3.2, “Edit an existing item” . If an item is restored, it will of course disappear from the trashcan.

5.5.1. Delete items permanently

Items can be permanently deleted from BASE only if they are not used by other items. Items that are used have the icon in the first column and by clicking on it you can get more information about the dependencies, see Section 5.5.2, “View dependencies of a trashed item” .

[Note] Note

This view is NOT the same view page as when clicking on the item's name, which brings you to the item's view page.

To delete one or several items permanently from the trashcan you first have to select them and then to click on the Delete button. Press then on either Ok (completes the deletion) or Cancel (no items will be deleted) in the dialog window that appears.

Empty trashcan

If all items in the trashcan should be deleted permanently the Empty trash button can be used. This function will remove all items that are listed in your trashcan, except those items which other items, not marked for deletion or cannot be deleted, are dependent on.

5.5.2. View dependencies of a trashed item

This view can only be accessed from trashed items that are linked together with other items. Beside the item's item type, name, and description there is a list at the bottom of the view page with those items that are using the current item in some way.

Figure 5.19. Item view of a trashed item.

Item view of a trashed item.

  1. This icon indicates that the item cannot be deleted permanently cause of some dependencies, listed below.

  2. Common properties for all removable items.

  3. A list of other items that are using the current item, blocking permanent removal.