Chapter 18. Experiments and analysis

Table of Contents

18.1. Derived bioassays
18.1.1. Create derived bioassays
18.1.2. Derived bioassay properties
18.2. Raw bioassays
18.2.1. Create raw bioassays
18.2.2. Raw bioassay properties
18.2.3. Import raw data
18.2.4. Raw data types
File-only platforms
18.3. Experiments
18.3.1. Experiment properties
The publication tab
18.3.2. Experimental factors
18.4. Analysing data within BASE
18.4.1. Transformations and bioassay sets
The root bioassay set
Overview plots
18.4.2. Filtering data
18.4.3. Normalizing data
18.4.4. Other analysis plug-ins
18.4.5. The plot tool
Scatter plots
Histogram plots
Filtering plots
Save plots
18.4.6. Experiment explorer
Reporter view
Reporter search