Class Jep


public class Jep extends Object
Utility class for parsing mathematical expressions. This class uses the Java Mathematical Expression Parser package from Singular Systems to parse mathematical expressions.

Create a new JEP expression with the newJep(String, JepFunction[]) method. If the expression contains variables set values for those with the JEP.setVarValue(String, Object) method. Then, evaluate the expression using the JEP.getValue() method.

You can also convert the expression to a Query API Expression object with the jepToExpression(JEP) method. The conversion doesn't support all methods since the Query API doesn't have support for them.

See the JEP homepage for more information about JEP and all supported functions/operators. See jepToExpression(JEP) and jepToRestriction(JEP) for functions/operators supported by the conversion methods.

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