Interface DynamicField

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BaseFileExporterPlugin.ExtendedDynamicField, JepDynamicField, SimpleDynamicField

public interface DynamicField
extends ExportableField
Represents a spot or reporter field that is going to be exported from a bioassay set. An implementation needs to provide the following information and services:
  • An Expression that is added to the selection list of a DynamicQuery.
  • A Formatter that is used to format the values that are selected by the expression before they are written to the file
  • A title that is used as a column header for the data
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  • Method Details

    • getExpression

      Expression getExpression​(DbControl dc, DynamicQuery query, BioAssaySet source, boolean forAverage)
      Get an expression that selects the data that should be exported.
      dc - The DbControl that is used for database access
      query - The query the expression will be used with
      source - The source bioassay set
      forAverage - TRUE if the expression should generate an average of multiple values
      An expression, or null if it is not possible to create an expression in the given case (this will normally be replaced with an empty column in the output)