Class ContextUtil.ContextResult

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public static class ContextUtil.ContextResult
extends Object
Class for holding the result of a call to the InteractivePlugin.isInContext(GuiContext, Object) method.
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  • Constructor Details

    • ContextResult

      private ContextResult​(SessionControl sc, PluginDefinition plugin, PluginConfiguration config, GuiContext context, Object currentItem)
    • ContextResult

      public ContextResult​(PluginDefinition plugin, PluginConfiguration config, String contextMessage)
      Create a new warning-level result object.
      plugin - The plugin definition
      config - The plugin configuration or null
      contextMessage - The warning message, or null if there is no warning or error
    • ContextResult

      public ContextResult​(PluginDefinition plugin, PluginConfiguration config, Throwable t)
      Create a new error-level result object.
      plugin - The plugin definition
      config - The plugin configuration or null
      t - The exception that caused the error
  • Method Details

    • getPluginDefinition

      public PluginDefinition getPluginDefinition()
      Get the plugin definition that was checked.
    • getPluginConfiguration

      public PluginConfiguration getPluginConfiguration()
      Get the plugin configuration that was checked, or null.
    • getContextMessage

      public String getContextMessage()
      Get the warning level message, or the message from Throwable.getMessage() if this is an error-level object.
    • getError

      public Throwable getError()
      Get the exception that caused the error, or null if this is a warning-level object.
    • getName

      public String getName()
      Get the name of the plug-in configuration or, if the configuration is null, of the plug-in definition
    • isInContext

      public boolean isInContext()
      If the context check was successful and generate no warnings or error.
    • isError

      public boolean isError()
      If this is an error-level object.