Class ProgressReporterSignalHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
ProgressReporter, SignalHandler, Action

public class ProgressReporterSignalHandler extends AbstractSignalHandler implements ProgressReporter
An implementation of a signal handler that uses a ProgressReporter to communicate signals back to the target. This handler supports any signals. This signal handler works by replacing the progress reporter a plug-in uses with it's own progress reporter. Each time the plug-in calls ProgressReporter.display(int, String) or ProgressReporter.append(String) and the percentage value is less than 100 the signal handler will check if a signal has been received. If so, a SignalReceivedException will be thrown.

NOTE! Some parts of the BASE core only uses the Thread.interrupt() mechanism for aborting a process. For example, long-running queries against the dynamic database. In this case we recommend that a ThreadSignalHandler, possible linked with DelegatingSignalHandler, is used instead.

Here is a general outline of a plug-in that uses the progress reporter signal handler:

// To keep track of current progress
private int percent;
private String progressMessage;

// Set up signal handling. ABORT is the only supported signal
private ProgressReporterSignalHandler signalHandler;
public SignalHandler getSignalHandler()
   signalHandler = new ProgressReporterSignalHandler(Signal.ABORT);
   return signalHandler;
public void run(Request request, Response response, ProgressReporter progress)
   if (signalHandler != null)
      progress = signalHandler;
   boolean done = false;
   while (!done && !interrupted)
         done = doSomeWork(); // NOTE! This must not take forever!
         if (progress != null) progress.display(percent, progressMessage);
       catch (SignalReceivedException ex)
          // We only support the abort signal
          interrupted = true;
   if (interrupted)
      response.setError("Aborted by user", null);
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  • Field Details

    • logger

      private static final org.slf4j.Logger logger
      Log signals processing.
    • forwardTo

      private ProgressReporter forwardTo
      Original progress reporter that progress updates should be forwarded to.
    • received

      private List<Signal> received
    • percent

      private int percent
      The current percentage status.
    • limit

      private int limit
      When the progress has reached this limit signal checking becomes disabled. Default value is 100.
  • Constructor Details

    • ProgressReporterSignalHandler

      public ProgressReporterSignalHandler(Collection<Signal> supported)
      Create a new progress reporter signal handler that supports the specified signals.
      supported - A collection with the signals that are initially supported. More signals can be added with AbstractSignalHandler.addSignal(Signal)
  • Method Details

    • handleSignal

      public void handleSignal(Signal signal)
      When signals are receieved, they are stored in a temporary list in the order they come in. When the signal target calls display(int, String) or append(String) a SignalReceivedException is throw if the list is not empty. Once the exception has been thrown the internal list is cleared.
      Specified by:
      handleSignal in interface SignalHandler
      signal - The signal to handle
      UnsupportedSignalException - If the signal is not supported
    • append

      public void append(String message)
      Description copied from interface: ProgressReporter
      Append a message to the previous one.
      Specified by:
      append in interface ProgressReporter
      message - The message
    • display

      public void display(int percent, String message)
      Description copied from interface: ProgressReporter
      Display a progress message.
      Specified by:
      display in interface ProgressReporter
      percent - How many percent of the task that is completed or -1 if not known
      message - A message, or null
    • forwardTo

      public void forwardTo(ProgressReporter forwardTo)
      Set the progress reporter that progress information should be forwarded to.
      forwardTo - The progress reporter, or null if progress should not be forwarded
    • hasReceivedSignals

      public boolean hasReceivedSignals()
      Check if any signals has been received by this handler.
      TRUE if at least one signal has been received, FALSE otherwise
    • getReceivedSignals

      public List<Signal> getReceivedSignals()
      Get the list of received signals. Calling this method clears the internal list and if no signals are received in the meantime, the next call to this method will return null.
      A list with signals in the order they were received, or null if no signals has been received
    • getLimit

      public int getLimit()
      Get the percentage limit where signal checking becomes disabled.
      The limit in percent
    • setLimit

      public void setLimit(int limit)
      Set the percentage limit. When the progress has reached the limit signal checking will be disable. The default value is 100 since there is no need to abort a process when it has already been finished.
      limit - The new limit
    • checkForSignals

      public void checkForSignals()
      If at least one signal has been received a SignalReceivedException is thrown. This method clears the received signals.