Class NamespaceParameterValuesWrapper

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public class NamespaceParameterValuesWrapper
extends Object
implements ParameterValues
A helper class that wraps a parameter values object with a namespace. All write operations will be made to the specified namespace. Eg, the 'name' parameter is replaced with the namespace + dot + the original name. For example, if namespace="export" and name="toDir", the resulting name is "export.toDir". Read operations will first check the namespace if the parameter exists, otherwise the parameter in the global namespace is used. All other methods simply forward to the parent parameter values object.

The main usage for this class is when a master plug-in needs to use other child plug-ins. By wrapping the parameter values with an instance of this class it makes it possible to store all parameters together without having to worry about name clashes among the children.

See Also:
NamespacePluginParameter, NamespaceRequestWrapper
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      public NamespaceParameterValuesWrapper​(ParameterValues parent, String namespace)
      Create a new namespace wrapper for the parent parameter values.
      parent - The parent parameter values, null is not allowed
      namespace - The namespace, null is not allowed
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