Interface AnnotationSetterPlugin

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ManualDerivedBioAssayCreator, ManualTransformCreator, RawDataFlatFileImporter

public interface AnnotationSetterPlugin
extends Plugin
This is a interface that should be implemented by plug-ins that are setting annotations on items thy create or work with. By implementing this interface it will be possible to store annotations at the plugin definition and/or plugin configuration level for any item type. The plug-in must copy the annotation values itself.
See Also:
AnnotationSet.copyFrom(net.sf.basedb.core.Annotatable, boolean)
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  • Method Details

    • getAnnotationTypes

      ItemQuery<AnnotationType> getAnnotationTypes()
      Create a query that returns the annotation types that can be used by the current plug-in. For example the RawDataFlatFileImporter plug-in can set annotations on the raw bioassay and thus return all annotation types that can be used on raw bioassays: AnnotationType.getQuery(Item.RAWBIOASSAY).
      A query returning annotation types, or null if the current setup doesn't allow any annotations
    • getAnnotationMessage

      String getAnnotationMessage()
      Get a message that explains what the plug-in does with the annotations it has.
      A message or null