Class RawData

All Implemented Interfaces:
BatchableData, ExtendableData, IdentifiableData
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class RawData
extends BasicData
implements BatchableData, ExtendableData
Represents the measurements for single raw data spot. A raw data entry consists of two parts, coordinate/reporter information and measured values (intensities, etc.) What kind of measurements are available are defined by the RawDataType of the raw bioassay.
See Also:
RawDataBatcher, RawDataUtil, Developer documentation: Bioassays and raw data
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  • Constructor Details

    • RawData

      public RawData()
    • RawData

      public RawData​(RawBioAssayData rawBioAssay)
  • Method Details

    • getExtended

      public Object getExtended​(String name)
      Description copied from interface: ExtendableData
      Get the value of an extended property.
      Specified by:
      getExtended in interface ExtendableData
      name - The name of the property
      The value of the property or null if not found
    • setExtended

      public void setExtended​(String name, Object value)
      Description copied from interface: ExtendableData
      Set the value of an extended property.
      Specified by:
      setExtended in interface ExtendableData
      name - The name of the property
      value - The new value for the property
    • getRawBioAssay

      RawBioAssayData getRawBioAssay()
      The raw bioassay this raw data spot belongs to. Cannot be public since we don't want to expose data objects to clients.
    • setRawBioAssay

      void setRawBioAssay​(RawBioAssayData rawBioAssay)
    • getFeature

      public FeatureData getFeature()
      The feature this raw data is connected with.
    • setFeature

      void setFeature​(FeatureData feature)
    • getReporter

      public ReporterData getReporter()
      The reporter this raw data is connected with. If a feature is also connected the reporter must be the same as the feature's reporter.
    • setReporter

      public void setReporter​(ReporterData reporter)
    • getPosition

      public int getPosition()
    • setPosition

      public void setPosition​(int position)
      This method was private before 2.6. If the raw bioassay is connected to an array design which uses the POSITION feature identifier method a value must be set. If the raw bioassay is connected to an array design which uses another feature identifier method this value will be overwritten with the position value from the feature. If the raw bioassay is not connected to an array design a position will be automatically generated if no value has been set, ie. if the value is 0. The value must be a positive integer.
      position - The position number of the spot
    • getX

      public Float getX()
    • setX

      public void setX​(Float x)
    • getY

      public Float getY()
    • setY

      public void setY​(Float y)
    • getBlock

      public Integer getBlock()
    • setBlock

      public void setBlock​(Integer block)
    • getMetaGridX

      public Integer getMetaGridX()
    • setMetaGridX

      public void setMetaGridX​(Integer metaGridX)
    • getMetaGridY

      public Integer getMetaGridY()
    • setMetaGridY

      public void setMetaGridY​(Integer metaGridY)
    • getRow

      public Integer getRow()
    • setRow

      public void setRow​(Integer row)
    • getColumn

      public Integer getColumn()
    • setColumn

      public void setColumn​(Integer column)
    • getAllExtended

      public Map<String,​Object> getAllExtended()