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public interface SkinAction extends Action
Action for adding skins to BASE. Extensions are invoked on every page request. The page type is available (as an integer from Page#PAGE_TYPE_* constants) in the context attribute "page-type". Actions are recommended to have an "ID" value, in which case a hidden 'div' section is included with all dynamic attributes set on the action. Scripts and style sheets that are set by the action factory are included as usual. Since 'favicon' can't be modified via css this is the only other property that is included in this interface. Note that the first extension that sets a favicon "wins".
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Get the full path to a favicon for the BASE site.
    Get the ID of the extension.
    Remap images to another location.
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      Get the ID of the extension. Optional, but required to generate a <div> tag with dynamic attributes (if the actions implements the DynamicActionAttributes interface).
    • getFavicon

      String getFavicon()
      Get the full path to a favicon for the BASE site.
    • remapImages

      void remapImages(ImageRemapper mapper)
      Remap images to another location. Use, String) to re-map an image from a source location to a destination location. Note that this method is not called on every use of the skin, but only after something has changed due to installation/uninstallation or enabling/disabled skins. The re-mapped images are then cached.