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Sep 28, 2009, 8:30:40 AM (11 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg


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    99  a. The annotation summary table should be created to the right of the bioassay list display (cf attached attachment:annotations_summary.png file). When several annotations are selected the tables should be stacked to the right. '''Replaced by #1384'''
    1010 1. A plot button in annotation summary table. The plot should be a box plot of user selected values grouped on annotation, i.e., one box for each annotation value. '''Replaced by #1385'''
    11  1. A plot button in bioassay list header.
     11 1. A plot button in bioassay list header. '''Replaced by #1386'''
    1212  a. The plot should display a selected value (eg., logratio, position, ... taken from the columns selection) as a line plot or a barplot (user selectable). The y-axis should display the value and the x-axis is an ordering defined by the list order.
    1313  a. The user should be allowed to select annotations (one or more) to display as boxes under the x-axis. The boxes should be coloured according to the annotation.