Interface Annotatable

    • Method Detail

      • isAnnotated

        boolean isAnnotated()
        Check if this item has an annotation set. The annotation set may be empty.
        TRUE if an annotation set exists, FALSE otherwise
      • getAnnotatableParents

        Set<Annotatable> getAnnotatableParents()
                                        throws BaseException
        Get all parents objects which are annotatable and the logged in user has read permission to. If the item doesn't have any annotatable parents, it may return null or an empty set. The method should only return the immediate parent(s), not parents to parents, etc. As of BASE 3.1 this method may also return child items if the child item is a Subtypable item that has a subtype with the ItemSubtype.getPushAnnotations() flag set.
        A set containing annotatable items, or null
        BaseException - If there is an error
      • getProtocol

        Protocol getProtocol()
        A protcol used in the creation of an item that is used to attach annotations for the protocol parameters.
        A protocol or null if the protocol is unknown