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BASE - BioArray Software Environment

BASE is a comprehensive free web-based database solution for the massive amounts of data generated by microarray analysis. It is released under the GNU General Public License. This site is devoted to the forthcoming version 2.0 release of BASE. The latest stable release of BASE is 1.2.x version is available for download from the BASE 1.2 web site.



If you want to live on bleeding edge software, download the latest (maybe unstable) 2.x version through

svn checkout base

There is no stable BASE 2.0, but the latest packaged version is found at BASE 2 downloads. Latest (stable) version 1.2.X can be downloaded through BASE 1.2 web site.

Report a bug

The bugtracking system that we decided to use is called Trac. It allows any BASE user to submit a bug report, or suggest a new functionality. Choose New Ticket and follow the instructions.

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