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BASE - BioArray Software Environment

BASE is a comprehensive free web-based database solution for the massive amounts of data generated by microarray analysis. It is released under the GNU General Public License. This site is devoted to the forthcoming version 2.0 release of BASE. The latest stable release of BASE is 1.2.x version is available for download from the BASE 1.2 web site.


  • Manuals - BASE user and administration information.
  • Specifications
  • Developer information - Information for the BASE core and plugin developers. Here you will find information about the database schema, inner workings of the core, how to create plugins, how to contribute, and lots more.

BASE 2 demo server

We have set up a BASE 2 demo server for those of you who want a sneak preview of the next major release of BASE. Data in this server is migrated from the current BASE 1 demo server. Users with access to the BASE 1 demo server can use their login information on the new BASE 2 demo server. For people without any account information we have added a user base2 with password base2 (valid on both servers). The base2 user has read privileges to all data on the demo server.


There is no production release of BASE 2.0 yet. The release schedule is published under the roadmap tab above. Go the DownloadPage to download the latest release of BASE 2.0RC2. Latest (stable) version 1.2.X can be downloaded through BASE 1.2 web site.


There are plugins ... BASE plug-ins web site


Please use the BASE mailing lists for discussions about BASE 2.0. Please use the ticket reporting system for bug reports, enhancement ideas, and feature requests.

Mailing lists

There are three Sourceforge hosted mailing lists for the BASE project.


ABSE is an open source project and available for free under the GNU General Public License.

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