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Tracd is a lightweight stand-alone Trac server. In most cases it's easier to setup and runs faster than trac.cgi.


  • Fewer dependencies: You don't need to install apache or any other web-server.
  • Fast: Should be as fast as the TracModPython version (much faster than the cgi).


  • Less features: Tracd implements a very simple web-server and is not as configurable as apache.
  • Only htdigest authentication: Tracd can currently only authenticate users against apache-htdigest files.
  • No native https support: sslwrap can be used instead, or STUNNEL.

Usage examples

A single project on port 8080. (http://localhost:8080/)

 $ tracd -p 8080 /path/to/project

With more than one project. (http://localhost:8080/project1/ and http://localhost:8080/project2/)

 $ tracd -p 8080 /path/to/project1 /path/to/project2

With htdigest authentication. The file /tmp/users.htdigest contain user accounts for project1 with the realm "".

 $ tracd -p 8080 --auth project1,/tmp/users.htdigest, /path/to/project1

htdigest authentication can also be used for more than one project. The digest file can be shared:

 $ tracd -p 8080 
   --auth project1,/tmp/users.htdigest, 
   --auth project2,/tmp/users.htdigest, 
   /path/to/project1 /path/to/project2

Tracd on Windows

tracd also works on Windows. But on that platform, the sensitivity on multithreading issues is high, and you might have problems (i.e. crashes of the Python interpreter). If this happens, you can force tracd to operate in single-threaded mode:

  • trac/web/

    124124        return auth['username']
    127 class TracHTTPServer(ThreadingMixIn, HTTPServer):
     127class TracHTTPServer(HTTPServer):
    129129    projects = None

Please also report any such issue, as they are believed to be fixed by now.

Generating passwords on Windows

If you don't have Apache available, you can use this Python script to generate your passwords (code borrowed heavily from #845):

from optparse import OptionParser
import md5

# build the options
usage = "usage: %prog [options]"
parser = OptionParser(usage=usage)
parser.add_option("-u", "--username",action="store", dest="username", type = "string",
                  help="the username for whom to generate a password")
parser.add_option("-p", "--password",action="store", dest="password", type = "string",
                  help="the password to use")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()

# check options
if (options.username is None) or (options.password is None):
   parser.error("You must supply both the username and password")
# Generate the string to enter into the htdigest file
realm = 'trac'
kd = lambda x: md5.md5(':'.join(x)).hexdigest()
print ':'.join((options.username, realm, kd([options.username, realm, options.password])))

See also: README.tracd, TracGuide, TracInstall, TracModPython