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Historical documents

Documents that no longer are used or updated can be found here. There is no guarantee that the information in these documents is correct or corresponds to the BASE-development today. The texts should only be read from a historical point of view.

Explains why we wanted to start develop BASE 2.0 from a technical point of view. It includes a short background of the problems with the earlier BASE version 1 implementation, and discusses one technical solution that may solve the problems. It ends with a list of work items with issues that needs to be investigated during a prototype phase.

A list of features wanted and/or required in BASE 2.0.

Contains a specification of all functions in the core of BASE. This document is built from the feature list and tries to cover as many details as possible.

Contains a specification of how the web client should work. It also includes several use cases, used during the development and testing. Another document we call More web client specifications can be browsed.

Contains a specification of how the migration tool should work. It describes specific differences in data representation that occur during migration.

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