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Download BASE

BASE 2 source code repository access

If you want to live on bleeding edge software, download the latest (maybe unstable) 2.x version using Subversion.

svn checkout base

This will create a sub-directory base with all source files. Anonymous checkouts are allowed, but write permission is only granted to developers.

Download packaged BASE 2 releases

This list of pre-compiled packages is kept for users who prefers not to use subversion access.

Read the information in the how to upgrade section of the BASE installation notes. Specifically, item v) of the upgrade instructions will tell you that you should always update the database and the indexes when upgrading.

Base 2.0 RC2

Revision Date Binary (tar.gz approx 14MB) Source (tar.gz approx 37MB)
2401 June 12, 2006 base-2.0RC2.2401.tar.gz (MD5) base-2.0RC2.2401-src.tar.gz (MD5)
2371 June 12, 2006 base-2.0RC2.2371.tar.gz (MD5) base-2.0RC2.2371-src.tar.gz (MD5)
2334 May 29, 2006 base-2.0RC2.tar.gz (MD5) base-2.0RC2-src.tar.gz (MD5)

Base 2.0 RC1

Revision Date Binary (tar.gz approx 14MB) Source (tar.gz approx 37MB)
2299 May 20, 2006 base-2.0RC1.2299.tar.gz (MD5) base-2.0RC1.2299-src.tar.gz (MD5)
2220 May 9, 2006 base-2.0RC1.2220.tar.gz (MD5) base-2.0RC1.2220-src.tar.gz (MD5)
2214 May 4, 2006 base-2.0RC1.2214.tar.gz (MD5) base-2.0RC1.2214-src.tar.gz (MD5)

You can download RC1 released on February 23, 2006, but you should go for the latest release above (containing bug fixes and other improvements).
RC1 binary: base-2.0RC1.tar.gz (tar.gz, 14MB, (MD5)
RC1 source: base-2.0RC1-src.tar.gz (tar.gz, 27MB, MD5)

Base 1.2.x downloads

Latest (stable) version 1.2.X can be downloaded through BASE 1.2 web site.

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