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Released BASE 3.0.2

Download BASE

BASE is available for free under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Latest Stable Release - 3.0.2

The latest release can be downloaded as gzipped tar files (changelog).
Pre-compiled: base-3.0.2.tar.gz (MD5)
Source: base-3.0.2-src.tar.gz (MD5)

Subversion access

The BASE source repository is available via anonymous subversion from the thep subversion server.

BASE latest release

The latest stable release of BASE can be checked out from subversion with:

svn checkout base-3.0.2

BASE stable

The latest revision of the stable version (3.0.3-dev) of BASE can be checked out from subversion with:

svn checkout base-3.0-stable

BASE devel

If you want to live on bleeding edge software, download the latest (maybe unstable) version (currently 3.1-dev) through

svn checkout base

NOTE! Use the trunk version only for testing. If you have important data make sure to create a backup first. We cannot guarantee that upgrading to/from a specific trunk revision will work. In the worst case you may loose data and get stuck with a dead-end release of the database schema.

All packaged BASE releases

Read the information in the how to upgrade section of the BASE installation notes. Specifically, the upgrade instructions will remind you that you should always update the database when upgrading.

Base 3.0

Version Revision Date Binary (tar.gz approx 37MB) Source (tar.gz approx 45MB)
3.0.2 5932 January 25, 2012 base-3.0.2.tar.gz (MD5) base-3.0.2-src.tar.gz (MD5) changelog
3.0.1 5862 November 10, 2011 base-3.0.1.tar.gz (MD5) base-3.0.1-src.tar.gz (MD5) changelog
3.0.0 5850 November 2, 2011 removed due to critical bugs (see #1648) changelog

Base 2.17

Version Revision Date Binary (tar.gz approx 36MB) Source (tar.gz approx 44MB)
2.17.2 5659 June 17, 2011 base-2.17.2.tar.gz (MD5) base-2.17.2-src.tar.gz (MD5) changelog
2.17.1 5627 May 8, 2011 base-2.17.1.tar.gz (MD5) base-2.17.1-src.tar.gz (MD5) changelog
2.17.0 5579 February 23, 2011 base-2.17.0.tar.gz (MD5) base-2.17.0-src.tar.gz (MD5) changelog

Older BASE 2.x versions

Older BASE version can be downloaded from the DownloadOld page.

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