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    1 [ Developer information]
     3= Developer information =
     5Documentation needed for the BASE developer is available though [ developer information].
     7== I want to contribute ==
     9Please send an email to the [] mailing list! If you are not subscribed to the list, you should first [ register your email address]. Tell us what you want to do, download the source using subversion and hack away. There is a growing [ list of ideas for future development] in BASE.
     11If you think that your work is usable for the rest of the community, you should donate your changes to the project After making your modifications to the source code, compose a clear and concise log message to describe those changes and the reasons for them. Then, send an email to the developers list containing your log message and the output of svn diff (from the top of your Subversion working copy). If the community members consider your changes acceptable, someone who has commit privileges (permission to make new revisions in the Subversion source repository) will add your changes to the public source code tree. Recall that permission to directly commit changes to the repository is granted on merit - if you demonstrate comprehension of Subversion, programming competency, and a "team spirit", you will likely be awarded that permission.
     13== Plugin examples ==
     15We have compiled some small example plugins which might be of interest if you are going to develop plugins yourself. The tar file contains the source code and compiled classes, [ Download example].
     17For more information about developing plugins see [ Development information - Plug-ins].