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    33Information will be added to this page. The old documentation is available at:
     7== Getting the source code ==
     9=== Download ===
     10The source code for most BASE releases can be downloaded from the DownloadPage. The code is packaged in a compressed TAR archive. Unpack this to a directory of your choice.
     12=== Subversion ===
     13The BASE source code lives in a [ Subversion server]. It is a versioning system that enables us to keep track of all changes made to the code. You will need a client for subversion to be able to get the source code. If you are using [ Eclipse] there is an excellent [ subversion plugin].
     15Check out the source code with the command:
     17{{{ svn checkout base-src }}}
     19This will create a sub-directory `base-src` with all source files. Anonymous checkouts are allowed, but write permission is only granted to developers. The trunk version is the head of the development and should be used for testing purposes only. The sub-urls to `*` and `*` can be used to get other version, including specific releases and bugfix branches. For more information see the DownloadPage or check the [/browser subversion source repository] directly.