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    • Property Summary Array slides – Creating array slides using import plugin (and notes on uniqueness)Array slides – Creating array slides using import plugin
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    77The plugin could be able to run in two modes, create or update. In create mode new array slides are created in update mode existing array slides are updated, e.g., existing slides could be updated with barcodes. There could be an error check for the update mode so that overwriting existing information is allowed or skipped, e.g., when updating barcodes; allow to update existing barcodes or only update if existing slides lack barcode value.
    9 Importantly, it is typically useful to keep barcodes unique within a BASE installation. See text below for a note on this. The text below is perhaps suitable to detach from this ticket and could constitute a ticket of its own (for now its part of this ticket).
    11 Array slides – make test for barcode uniqueness
    13 As mentioned in the BASE core specifications enforcing array slide barcodes to be unique would cause problems with deleting/undeleting. Therefore it's the users' responsibility to keep barcodes unique.
    15 However, managing a production installation in a setting where numerous array slides are tracked in BASE requires barcodes to be unique.
    17 Therefore, if it still would pose a problem to enforce barcode uniqueness of array slides, a test for the same would be useful to avoid ending up in a situation where duplicated barcodes exist in the same system.
    19 That is, when creating an array slide, either by adding one slide or by using the Multiple slides wizard (or if implemented by using an import plugin), a test is executed that verifies the uniqueness of entered barcodes. If entered barcodes already exists, the user is notified about this and allowed to abort the creation of new slides. The test would have to have complete read access to all slides in the system irrespectively of owner in order to perform verification.
    21 Fancy variants where the duplicated barcode is highlighted or in some other way reported to the user can of course be added. If an import plugin is used, test for barcode uniqueness and alternative actions in response to existing duplicated could be handled by the plugin.