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    initial v2  
    99 * Access is controlled via regular project/user/group sharing (implement the `Ownable`/`Shareable` interfaces)
    1010 * A subtype so we can filter kits to be used at a specific step in the lab process (implement the `Subtypable` interface)
    11  * An `active` flag that indicates if the kit can still be used or not.
     11 * An `inactive` flag that indicates if the kit can still be used or not.
     12 * An `expirationDate` for storing the recommended last date the kit should be used.
     14Selecting inactive kits or using kits after the expiration date should not be forbidden in the core API. It should be used by applications to make sensible default selections.
    1316Kits are linked from biomaterial events.
    1720 * A batch item importer for kits
    1821 * The annotation importer should support kits
    19  * Add kits to the "Item overview"
     22 * Add kits to the "Item overview" and some new validation rules:
     23   *  Check the expiration date against the creation date of items that has used the kit
    2024 * Add kits to "Item subtypes"
    2125 * Inherit annotations from kits