16.1. Biosources

Biosources correspond to the native biological entity used in an experiment prior to any treatment. Biosources can be added to BASE by most users and are managed from Biomaterial LIMSBiosources. Use the New… button to create a new biosource. This brings up the dialog below.

Figure 16.1. Biosource properties

Biosource properties


This is the only mandatory field. BASE by default assigns New biosource as name but it is advised to provide unique sensible names.


The subtype of the biosource. The list may evolve depending on additions by the server administrator. Selecting the proper subtype is recommended and enables BASE to automatically guess the most likely subtype when creating child biomaterial. See Chapter 12, Item subtypes for more information.

External ID

An external reference identifiers (e.g. a patient identification code) can be supplied using this field.


A free text description can be supplied using this field.

The Annotations tab allows BASE users to use annotation types to refine biosource description. More about annotating items can be read in Section 10.2, “Annotating items”