31.3.1. Development process and other important procedures

This section describes the development process we try to use in the BASE project. It is not carved in stone and deviations may occur. For every new feature or enhancement the procure below should be followed. If you encounter any problems, arrange a group meeting. Someone else may have the solution! The text is biased towards adding new items to BASE, but it should be possible to use the general outline even for other types of features.

1. Group meeting

2. Analysis and design

3. Create the classes for the data layer

4. Create the corresponding classes in the core layer

5. Create test code

6. Write code to update existing installations

[Important] Important
  • If the database schema is changed or if there for some reason is need to update existing data in the database, the Install.SCHEMA_VERSION counter must be increased.

  • Add code to the net.sf.basedb.core.Update class to increase the schema version and modify data in existing installations.

7. Write new and update existing user documentation

[Important] Important

Do not forget to update the Appendix I, API changes that may affect backwards compatibility document if you have introduced any incomaptible changes.