29.2.4. Quota and disk usage

This section gives an overview of quota system in BASE and how the disk usage is kept track of.

Figure 29.5. Quota and disk usage

Quota and disk usage


The QuotaData holds information about a single quota registration. The same quota may be used by many different users and groups. This object encapsulates allowed quota values for different types of quota types and locations. BASE defines several quota types (file, raw data and experiment), and locations (primary, external and offline).

The quotaValues property is a set containing QuotaIndex which hold the maximum byte values for a specified quota type and location. The set must contain at least one entry for the total quota at the primary location.

Disk usage

A DiskConsumableData (for example a file) item is automatically linked to a DiskUsageData item. This holds information about the number of bytes, the location and quota type the item uses. It also holds information about which user and group (optional) that should be charged for the disk usage. The user is always the owner of the item.