Appendix G. reference

The (or jobagent.bat on Windows) is a command-line utility for controlling the job agent. The syntax is:

./ [options] command

The options are optional, but a command must always be given. The script is located in the <base-dir>/bin directory and you must change to that directory to be able to use the script.



The path to the configuration file to use, for example:

./ -c other.config start

The default value is The classpath is not searched which means that it doesn't find the configuration file in <base-dir>/www/WEB-INF/classes/ unless you specify the path to it. See Appendix F, reference for more information about job agent configuration files.



Register the job agent with the BASE server. If the job agent already exists this command does nothing.


Unregister/delete the job agent from the BASE server. If the job agent does not exist this command does nothing.


Start the job agent. As soon as it is up and running it will check the database for jobs that are waiting to be executed.


Pause the job agent. The job agent will continue running but does not check the database for jobs. To start it again use the start command.


Stop the job agent. To start it again use the start command.


Get information about the job agent. This will output a string in the form:

Total memory:8254955520
Used memory:8002252800

Status can be either Running or Paused. There is some information about the current CPU and memory usage, but this information may not be available on all platforms. For each job that is currently running, the ID is given. A second entry gives information about the slot the job uses for execution. In the future, the info command may output more information.


Similar to the info command but with less output. The output is either Running, Pauses or Stopped. In case of an unexpected error, an error message may be displayed instead.


Display usage information.