Class Scheduler


public class Scheduler
extends Object
This class is a cousin to the standard Timer class but only allows scheduling of tasks. This allows an application to create a core timer and let other code add TimerTask:s to the timer.

Another feature of this class is that it can force the execution of tasks in their own threads. This avoids that long-runing tasks hog the timer thread and therby prevent other tasks from running.

If new threads are created for the tasks, it is also possible to specify on a task-by-task basis if the task may run in multiple threads at the same time.

A side-effect by using a scheduler is that all methods may return a different TimerTask object than what was scheduled. If the calling application want to cancel a task it must do so on the object that is returned, since that object is the one really lives in the timer. However, calling TimerTask.cancel() passes through to the original task as well.

See Also:
Timer, TimerTask, ThreadTimerTask
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