Class ScatterPlot


public class ScatterPlot extends Object
A simple plot utility for generating scatter plots without the need to delve deep into the JFreePlot package. Note! This class is experimental and it is likely that the implementation will change in the future.
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    • ScatterPlot

      public ScatterPlot(String nameX, String nameY)
      Create a new ScatterPlot.
      nameX - The label on the X-axis
      nameY - The label on the Y-axis
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    • addData

      public void addData(SqlResultIterator data, String... names) throws SQLException
      Add data to the plot. The SqlResultIterator should return the x value as a float in the first position, ie. data.getFloat(1) and y values in the positions 2 and up.
      data - The data to plot
      names - An array of series names, x-value for series 'i' is found in data.getFloat(2+i)
    • addData

      public void addData(SqlResultIterator data, Collection<PlotAnnotation> annotations) throws SQLException
      Add data to the plot. The SqlResultIterator must return at least 3 columns. The first column in the result is used to determine which annotation/series the spot belongs to. The second column is the x value and the third column is the y value. Additional columns are not used.

      The annotations collection contains the mappings from the actual value to the annotation. Ie. if the result contains a 1 in the first column we check which annotation returns a 1 in it's PlotAnnotation.getValues() method. One value may not be used by more than one annotation.

      data - The data to plot
      annotations - Annotation information that maps each data spot to an annotation
    • getChart

      public JFreeChart getChart()
      Get the underlying JFreeChar object. Use this method to polish up everything and save the image.