Class PushToParentsTransformer

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PushToParentsTransformer
extends Object
implements SourceItemTransformer
Transformer implementation that can be used to to find parent items to children that have a subtype with the "push annotations to parent" flag set. Example: The source list is extracts of a subtype with this flag. This transformer will find all parent items to source list. If any of the parent items also has a subtype with the "push annotations" flag to process is repeated. This implemntatation works with SAMPLE or EXTRACT types only. If starting with a SAMPLE list it will also move up to BIOSOURCE and then back down one step. If starting with a EXTRACT list it will move up to SAMPLE and BIOSOURCE (if all intermediate steps have the "push annotations" flag). If used in a chain, this transformation should be used first in the chain.