Class VariableConverter

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public class VariableConverter extends Object implements ValueConverter
A value converter that can be used on all setter methods that has been annotated with the VariableSetter annotation. The input string will be scanned for parts that match $VARIABLE$ and have that part replaced by the actual value of a defined variable. Undefined variables are not replaced. See setVariable(String, String) for more details.

Web client note! The web client application defines the variables ROOT and HOME which are the paths to the web application root directory (/base2) and the home directory (/base2/extensions/xxxx) of the current extension. This means that the XML configuration file may contain values like $ROOT$/images/copy.png. The $ROOT$ portion will automatically be replaced with the correct path if the factory method is annotated with the VariableSetter annotation.

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    • convert

      public String convert(String in, Method method)
      Description copied from interface: ValueConverter
      Convert a value.
      Specified by:
      convert in interface ValueConverter
      in - The value to convert
      method - The factory setter method
      The converted or original value
    • setVariable

      public void setVariable(String name, String value)
      Set the value of a variable. If a setter method of a factory class (ActionFactory or RendererFactory) is annotated with the VariableSetter annotation the XML loader will scan the value from the XML file for replacement tags, $VARIABLE$, and replace the tag with the value of the variable. If the variable doesn't exists, the tag is left untouched.
      name - The name of the variable
      value - The value of the variable, or null to remove the variable
    • getVariable

      public String getVariable(String name)
      Get the value of a variable.
      name - The variable's name
      The value, or null if it doesn't exists