Class CombiningEventFilter

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public class CombiningEventFilter
extends Object
implements EventFilter
Event filter that only passes on events based on multiple other event filters. Given a collection of event filters, this filter can pass on the event if at least one of the filters in the collection does or if all of them does.
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  • Field Details

    • filters

      private final Collection<EventFilter> filters
    • allMustPass

      private final boolean allMustPass
  • Constructor Details

    • CombiningEventFilter

      public CombiningEventFilter​(Collection<EventFilter> filters, boolean allMustPass)
      Create a new combining event filter. This filter will pass events depending on how many of the other event filters passes the event.
      filters - A collection of event filters
      allMustPass - TRUE if the event must pass all filters to pass this filter, FALSE if the event must pass at least one filter to pass this filter
  • Method Details

    • shouldSend

      public boolean shouldSend​(EventType event, ExtensionPoint<?> extensionPoint, Extension<?> extension)
      Description copied from interface: EventFilter
      Determine if the event should be sent to the event handler or not.
      Specified by:
      shouldSend in interface EventFilter
      event - The event that happend
      extensionPoint - The extension point that the extension extends, or that the event happened to
      extension - The extension the event happend to, or null if the event happended to the extension point
      TRUE if the event passes the filters