Class MetadataModel.SectionEntry

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public static class MetadataModel.SectionEntry extends Object
Holds information about a section entry.
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  • Constructor Details

    • SectionEntry

      public SectionEntry(String key, String value)
      Create a new single-valued section entry.
      key - The key of the entry
      value - The value of the entry
    • SectionEntry

      public SectionEntry(String key, String... values)
      Create a new section entry with an array of values.
      key - The key of the entry
      values - An array with the values
  • Method Details

    • getKey

      public String getKey()
      Get the key of the entry.
    • getValueCount

      public int getValueCount()
      Get the number of values in the entry.
    • getValue

      public String getValue()
      Get the value of the entry. If the entry is a multi-value entry, a single-value is created by concatenating the array of values using tab as a separator.
      The value of the entry
    • getValues

      public String[] getValues()
      Get all values.