Class Tree.EntryIterator

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private class Tree.EntryIterator
extends Object
implements Iterator<Tree.Entry<E>>
An iterator that return entries for each node.
  • Field Details

    • next

      private Tree.Entry<E> next
      The next element to return.
    • childIterator

      private Iterator<Tree.Entry<E>> childIterator
      An iterator over the children of the root entry.
    • subTreeIterator

      private Iterator<Tree.Entry<E>> subTreeIterator
      An iterator over the subtree for each child of the root entry.
  • Constructor Details

    • EntryIterator

      private EntryIterator​(Tree.Entry<E> root)
      Create an iterator that starts at the specified entry. It will return the specified entry as it's first element. Then it will iterate over the child entries recursively.
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