Class AnyToAnyLinkStatistics.Options

Enclosing class:

public static class AnyToAnyLinkStatistics.Options
extends Object
Options to specify how the statistics should be generated.
  • Field Details

    • maxRandomSamples

      private int maxRandomSamples
    • minCount

      private int minCount
    • minFraction

      private int minFraction
  • Constructor Details

    • Options

      public Options()
  • Method Details

    • setMaxRandomSamples

      public void setMaxRandomSamples​(int maxRandomSamples)
      Set the maximum number of items to use for gathering the statistics. The default value is 500. A higher value may affect performance.
    • getMaxRandomSamples

      public int getMaxRandomSamples()
    • setMinCount

      public void setMinCount​(int minCount)
      Do not return information about links with a count that is less than this value. The default value is 10. This option is ignored if the fraction yields a lower count (sampleSize / fraction).
    • getMinCount

      public int getMinCount()
    • setMinFraction

      public void setMinFraction​(int minFraction)
      Do not return information about links if they are found on less than the specified fraction of samples. The default value is 50, which means that links that are found in less than 1 of 50 samples are ignored. This option is ignored if the min count is lower.
    • getMinFraction

      public int getMinFraction()