Class TransformationData

All Implemented Interfaces:
IdentifiableData, NameableData, RemovableData

public class TransformationData
extends BasicData
implements NameableData, RemovableData
This class holds information about a transformation.
See Also:
Transformation, Developer documentation: Experiments and analysis
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Hibernate: class
table="`Transformations`" lazy="true"
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • TransformationData

      public TransformationData()
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
      Description copied from interface: NameableData
      Get the name of the item.
      Specified by:
      getName in interface NameableData
      A String with the name of the item
    • setName

      public void setName​(String name)
      Description copied from interface: NameableData
      Set the name of the item. The name cannot be null and mustn't be longer than the value specified by the MAX_NAME_LENGTH constant.
      Specified by:
      setName in interface NameableData
      name - The new name for the item
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
      Description copied from interface: NameableData
      Get the description for the item.
      Specified by:
      getDescription in interface NameableData
      A String with a description of the item
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription​(String description)
      Description copied from interface: NameableData
      Set the description for the item. The description can be null but mustn't be longer than the value specified by the MAX_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH constant.
      Specified by:
      setDescription in interface NameableData
      description - The new description for the item
    • getRemovedBy

      public Integer getRemovedBy()
      Description copied from interface: RemovableData
      Get the ID of the user that removed this item.
      Specified by:
      getRemovedBy in interface RemovableData
      The ID of a user or null if the item is not removed
    • setRemovedBy

      public void setRemovedBy​(Integer removedBy)
      Description copied from interface: RemovableData
      Set the ID of the user that removed this item or null to restore the item.
      Specified by:
      setRemovedBy in interface RemovableData
    • getExperiment

      public ExperimentData getExperiment()
      Get the experiment this bioassayset belongs to.
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`experiment_id`" not-null="true" outer-join="false" update="false"
    • setExperiment

      public void setExperiment​(ExperimentData experiment)
    • getSource

      public BioAssaySetData getSource()
      Get the source bioassayset for the transformation. Null if this is a root transformation from raw bioassays.
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`bioassayset_id`" not-null="false" outer-join="false" update="false"
    • setSource

      public void setSource​(BioAssaySetData source)
    • getJob

      public JobData getJob()
      Get the job that was used to execute this transformation
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`job_id`" not-null="false" outer-join="false" update="false"
    • setJob

      public void setJob​(JobData job)
    • getRawSources

      public Set<RawBioAssayData> getRawSources()
      Get the source raw bioassays for the transformation.
      Hibernate: set
      table="`TransformationRawBioAssays`" lazy="true"
      Hibernate: collection-key
      Hibernate: collection-many-to-many
      column="`rawbioassay_id`" class=""
    • setRawSources

      void setRawSources​(Set<RawBioAssayData> rawSources)
    • getProducts

      Set<BioAssaySetData> getProducts()
      This is the inverse end.
      See Also:
      Hibernate: set
      lazy="true" inverse="true" cascade="delete"
      Hibernate: collection-key
      Hibernate: collection-one-to-many
    • setProducts

      void setProducts​(Set<BioAssaySetData> products)