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public interface FileAttachableData
extends IdentifiableData
A fileattachable item is an item which can have a File attached to it.

This interface defines Hibernate database mapping for the file property to the database column file_id. If a subclass wants to map the property to another column, it should override the getFile() method and add a Hibernate tag in the comment.

Reference implementation

private FileData file;
public FileData getFile()
   return file;
public void setFile(FileData file)
   this.file = file;
See Also:
BasicData, Developer documentation: Basic classes and interfaces
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    FileData getFile()
    Get the file that is attached to the item.
    void setFile​(FileData file)
    Attach a file to the item.

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    getId, getVersion
  • Method Details

    • getFile

      FileData getFile()
      Get the file that is attached to the item.
      A FileData object or null if no file is attached
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`file_id`" not-null="false" outer-join="false"
    • setFile

      void setFile​(FileData file)
      Attach a file to the item. Null is allowed.