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TAM format explained

2The BioRobotics 'TAM' format explained (an asterisk denotes an explanation rather than a component of the file format):
5FileFormat=,1.0 *Version number of the file format
6FormatName=,TAM *File format extension
7GeneratedBy=,TAS2.1.5.16 *Arrayer software and version
8BlockCount=,4 *Number of meta-grids
9SpotSize=,180 *Estimated mean spot diameter
12[Block1] *Sub-grid being examined
13MetaGridX=,1 *Meta-grid X-axis co-ordinate
14MetaGridY=,1 *Meta-grid Y-axis co-ordinate
15OriginX=,9000 *Distance from top left edge of slide to centre of top left spot
16OriginY=,35300 *Distance from top left edge of slide to centre of top left spot
17BlockSizeX=,4 *Number of spots in each row
18BlockSizeY=,4 *Number of spots in each column
19SpacingX=,400 *X-axis centre-to-centre spot spacing
20SpacingY=,400 *X-axis centre-to-centre spot spacing
21*Information is repeated for each sub-grid on the slide
23[mapping] *'comma separated value' spreadsheet that maps clones to wells
241,1,1,1,,1,9,4,"FC1269","1036",1, {},FC1269,1036,TST101,I,4
251,1,1,2,,1,1,4,"FC1237","1004",1, {},FC1237,1004,TST101,A,4
261,1,1,3,,1,9,2,"FC1267","1034",1, {},FC1267,1034,TST101,I,2
271,1,1,4,,1,1,2,"FC1235","1002",1, {},FC1235,1002,TST101,A,2
281,1,2,1,,1,11,4,"FC1277","1044",1, {},FC1277,1044,TST101,K,4
30*Spreadsheet abbreviated for brevity.
31*Each row of data relates to each spot on the microarray.
32*Origin is top left of slide for all measurements.
34*Column 01: Meta-grid X-axis co-ordinate
35*Column 02: Meta-grid Y-axis co-ordinate
36*Column 03: Sub-grid Y-axis co-ordinate
37*Column 04: Sub-grid X-axis co-ordinate
38*Column 05: Plate Barcode
39*Column 06: Plate Number
40*Column 07: Row Number
41*Column 08: Column Number
42*Column 09: Sample Name
43*Column 10: Sample ID
44*Column 11: Block number
45*Column 12: Termination of additional fields
46*Column 13 to End: Source data from the operator (See Example Array Input File)