Protocols and hardware / software

This document covers the details of how information about protocols, hardware and software is handled by BASE.

  1. Protocols
  2. Hardware
  3. Software
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1. Protocols

  1. A protocol describes a standardized procedure for doing something.
  2. There are multiple types of protocols, corresponding to different tables or actions in BASE. Some protocol types (mostly concerning biomaterials) are system protocol types, required to exist and not be modified by users. More protocol types can be created as needed.
  3. The standard protocol types are: sampling, extraction, labeling, pooling, hybridization, printing, scanning, feature extraction.
  4. Custom protocol types are needed to describe user-defined events in the array LIMS.
  5. A protocol is of a single protocol type.
  6. A protocol may be annotated.
  7. A single file may be attached to a protocol.
  8. [implementation note] There should be a dummy protocol "none" for each system protocol type.

2. Hardware

  1. A hardware item represents a physical piece of hardware.
  2. There are different types of hardware. So far the only type is scanner.

3. Software

  1. There is one type of software: feature extraction software.
  2. The software item describes a particular software version.