Interface ConnectionManagerFactory

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    public interface ConnectionManagerFactory
    extends Action
    A connection manager factory is responsible for creating connection managers for some subset of URI:s that is supported. A factory implementation must be thread-safe since it may be used by more than one thread at a time.
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      • getId

        String getId()
        Get the ID of this connection manager factory. This should be a unique string matching the id of extension that has been registered with BASE.
      • getDisplayName

        String getDisplayName()
        Get a short string that is suitable for use in selection lists, etc. in client applications.
        A string
      • getDescription

        String getDescription()
        Get a longer description that can be used by client applications to show more information about the capabilities of the factory to the users.
        A string or null if no more information is available
      • useAutoDetection

        boolean useAutoDetection()
        Does this factory support auto-detection if an URI is supported or not?
      • supports

        boolean supports​(URI uri)
        Check if the given factory knows how to create a handler for the given URI.
        uri - The URI to check
      • createConnectionManager

        ConnectionManager createConnectionManager​(URI uri,
                                                  ConnectionParameters parameters)
        Create a new handler for accessing the resource at the given URI. Unless otherwise noted it is expected that this method create a new connection manager for each call.

        NOTE! Also consider if it is possible for the connection manager to implement the ResumableConnectionManager interface. This will improve support for resuming downloads at a specified location.

        uri - The URI to access (required)
        parameters - Connection parameters, such as user login/password, etc. Optional, unless otherwise is noted by the implementation.
        An URI handler