Class InvokationContext<A extends Action>

    • Constructor Detail

      • InvokationContext

        protected InvokationContext()
    • Method Detail

      • getExtensionPoint

        public abstract ExtensionPoint<? super A> getExtensionPoint()
        Get information about the extension point.
        An extension point object
      • getExtension

        public abstract Extension<A> getExtension()
        Get information about the extension. This method may return null if there is no current extension, which happens when any of the RendererFactory methods are called for a renderer factory attached to an extension point and for the ErrorHandlerFactory methods.
        An extension object, or null if there is no current extension
      • getClassLoader

        public abstract ClassLoader getClassLoader()
        Get the class loader that is used for the given extension or extension point.
      • getAttribute

        public abstract Object getAttribute​(String name)
        Get the value of an attribute that has been registered for the extension.
        name - The name of the attribute
        The attribute value, or null if no attribute has been registered
        See Also:
        Registry.getAttribute(String, String)
      • getRegistry

        protected abstract Registry getRegistry()
        Get the registry where this invokation originated from.
      • prepareRendererFactory

        protected abstract void prepareRendererFactory()
        Prepare the renderer factory if the extension or extension point has one.
      • getRenderer

        protected abstract Renderer<? super A> getRenderer()
        Get the renderer, if any. This method should always return the same rendere instance if called multiple times on the same object.
      • getActions

        protected abstract A[] getActions()
        Get the actions, or null if there is no current extension.
      • clearError

        protected abstract void clearError()
        Clear the registered error for the current extension or extension point.
      • getErrorHandler

        protected abstract ErrorHandler<? super A> getErrorHandler()
        Get the error handler used in this context. Should never be null, since if not the extension point provides one, the system should.