Class CelValidationAction

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Action, ValidationAction

    public class CelValidationAction
    extends SingleFileValidationAction
    Action for validation of CEL files in a file set. The CEL file must be connected with a RawBioAssay. The raw bioassay should have an ArrayDesign that has a CDF file matching the chip type.

    This class is just a wrapper for CelValidator so that we can hook the validation into the extensions system.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • CelValidationAction

        public CelValidationAction​(DbControl dc,
                                   RawBioAssay rba)
        Create a new action.
        dc - An open DbControl
        rba - The raw bioassay the CEL file is connected with
    • Method Detail

      • resetMetadata

        public void resetMetadata()
        Description copied from interface: ValidationAction
        Reset all metadata that this class normally can set. This method is called if the validation of a file failed or if a file is removed from the file set. Any previous metadata that may signal that a valid file is present should be reset.